Why I believe Senator Barack Obama may lead the United States out of the immoral quagmire that has been the Bush Administration's legacy:
1. Obama speaks from his heart, whereas Senator McCain seems like a man who has a smile plastered to his face, as he flip-flops on every position that he has taken.
2. He's a liberal Democrat from Illinois, a college professor, and a community organizer. He is a great orator, and offers the hope for CHANGE.
3. He has opposed continuing the war in Iraq.
4. He chose Joe Biden as his running mate, whereas McCain chose Sarah Palin. See the below video:

Now that Barack Obama is our 44th president, I'd like to answer critics, especially the Republican manure spreaders, who maintain that
he was a socialist and that his response to the economic crisis is proof. I believe that Obama is a pragmatist, who has approached the crisis with all of the intellectual fervor of an academician. He is pro-active, a man who rolls up his sleeve, and gets to work, unlike his predecessor who when informed of the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon and Twin Towers, went back to reading a children's book to a group of pre-school students.