Technology Integration and Game Theory Application

Game Theory Application, the Audio/Visual Learner, and Interactive Education

Through a combination of traditional blackboard/whiteboard instruction, group projects, visual media and interactive game-based instruction, teachers can grab the attention of today's learners and deliver content effectively. With these technologies all students should have an individual educational plan by which they are able to explore the world of knowledge and develop skills to utilize this information. The following web sites support this pedagogy. Articles are followed by web sites that best exemplify the methodologies discussed:

Supporting Literature

What Works in Public Education This comprehensive overview of core concepts from the George Lucas Foundation (GLF) includes articles and videos.
Social Software and Learning is a Futurelab publication.
Synching Up with the iKid--Connecting to the Twenty-First-Century Student is an Edutopia article about keeping pace with the digital generation.
Closing the Gap Between Education and Technology an Apple curriculum evangelist offers his thoughts about 21st century education at FETC 2009 Conference
Can Game Development Impact Academic Achievement? An article from T.H.E. Journal that tries to answer that question.
Teaching with Games, from the Instructional Design program at University of North Dakota, provides "a practical guide to help teachers and trainers learn how to incorporate game-based learning into their own lesson plans."
Getting It Wrong--Slaying Myths about Video Games (Part I) and (Part II) from Tech&Learning
High Tech Simulations Linked to Learning an Education Week article suggests that while games are not a panacea, they assist in exploring and learning difficult concepts.
Immersive Gameplay - The Future of Education? This article from T.H.E. Journal suggests that, "New immersive learning environments--built on state-of-the-art data modeling and 'intelligent' game systems--may be the future of education."
The Instructional Power of Digital Games, Social Networking, Simulations and How Teachers Can Leverage Them -- An Education Arcade paper by Eric Klopfer, Scot Osterweil, Jennifer Groff, and Jason Haas
Digital Game-Based Learning - It's Not Just the Digital Natives Who Are Restless is an Educause article by University of North Dakota Associate Professor Richard Van Eck.
Designing Game-Based Learning Environments -- Kurt Squires' website is sub-divided into four sections, each with supporting references.
Definition: Game Elements in Instruction from A Learning Theory for 21st Century Students
Study--Virtual Games Hone Real Business Skills from National Public Radio (NPR) looks at skills that underly game playing.
Engaging Brains with Games and Simulations by Bernie Dodge
Good Video Games and Good Learning -- Professors James Paul Gee and Tashia Morgridge of University of Wisconsin examine "some of the learning principles good games incorporate."
A Neurologist Makes the Case for the Video Game Model as a Learning Tool
Horizon Report The 2011 Horizon Report "examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry."
This PC Magazine (by way of Reuters) article argues for games and simulation software to assist in learning.
Jane McGonigal - Gaming Can Make a Better World - This TED presentation (use link or embedded video below) argues that games teach problem solving, and if these skills were used to solve real-world problems the world would be a better place.

Moving Learning Games Forward from MIT's The Education Arcade argues for taking a new look at educational games and learning through play.
Get Ready for the Gamer Generation -- Adam Carstens and John Beck's article appeared in TechTrends.
How Video Games May Transform Education is University of North Dakota Professor Van Eck's first webinar on WebEd.
Best Practices for Using Games & Simulations in the Classroom - Guidelines for K-12 educators. Although this is published by The Software & Information Industry Association, it offers a comprehensive view of game application to enhance learning.
Innovate - June-July 2009 Issue This journal of online education has devoted this entire issue to a "celebration of just how far interest in simulations and virtual environments has come in the last six years."
Teens, Video Games and Civics The Pew Internet & American Life Project and the MacArthur Foundation came together on this project in an effort to quantify the youth gaming space and the civic implications of teen video game play.
The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book - Terry Freedman's free e-book is filled with ideas for using web 2.0 applications in the classroom.
WebQuests 2.0 Workshop is from Tom March's Working the Web for Education
IN TIME Integrating New Technologies into the Methods of Education from University of Northern Iowa
Do Serious Games Work? Results from Three Studies by Richard Blunt, formerly the director of Plans and Programs for the Department of Defense Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.
The Effectiveness of Instructional Games This pdf report documents a review of 48 empirical research articles on the effectiveness of instructional games.

How Scientific Accuracy in Game Design Stimulates Scientific Inquiry from the International Journal of Learning and Media
An Introduction to Game-Based Learning - This edWeb Webinar features Lee Wilson discussing how this pedagogy works in schools, while all of the
Game Based Learning Webinars can be found at that linked web site offering superb professional development on this educational topic.
Serious Games provides "an ongoing collection of articles, videos, and other information about serious games along with links to a selection of notable developers and designers.
WoWing Language Arts THE Journal Article on using World of Warcraft in the language arts classroom.
Bibliography - Digiplay Initiatives Understanding digital games
Game Studies is a cross-disciplinary online journal dedicated to games research.
Educator and lecturer David Thornburg's Handouts and Presentations One of the influential educators whose work I read and whose lectures I watched as I pursued my MS in Ed with a Focus in Technology Integration in the Classroom through Walden University.
Insight and Innovation for Technology Leaders Tech Forum - Handouts, videos, and podcasts of this Spring 2008 technology forum.
External Rewards and Jesse Schell's Amazing Lecture looks at game design, psychology, and marketing the future. Schell is a Carnegie Mellon University professor.

Writing, Technology and Teens This 2008 Pew report from a study by the National Commission on Writing is worth reviewing, especially for those educators who want to help students develop their written expression.
Instructional Design Models 20th and 21st Century models of learning include Behaviorist, Cognitivist, Prescriptive, and Constructivist.
Instructional Design for Online Learning is a resource page of links maintained by Mandi Axmann, Instructional Designer, RAU University, South Africa
Multiple Intelligences and Technology is a Teachers in Technology Initiative from The University of Rhode Island.
Tapping into Multiple Intelligences is provided by thirteen|ed online "Concept to Classroom" and offers a fairly extensive view of MI and its applications for enhancing classroom instruction.
Edutopia Interview of Howard Gardner

Technology and Multiple Intelligences This site from Eduscapes is a MI repository of professional development resources for educators and librarians
Multiple Intelligences provides an exploration of MI and education with excellent resources.
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Integrated Studies explain approaches to teaching that offer everyone and opportunity to learn, and in many ways
incorporate Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles as its foundation.
Digital Nation - Where Are We Heading? This 90 minute Frontline special takes a hard look at the digital natives, and the changes - good and bad - brought on by the rewiring of our brains.
Getting Results is a multimedia resource for community college faculty that will challenge previous thinking about teaching and learning, providing basic tools for effective classroom practice.
Sourcebook From Teacher Magazine, this Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook Directory calls itself "the most complete interactive, online resource for K-12 educators who are seeking professional growth."


Minecraft is an interactive video game where the players build the game they will be playing. For more information see World of Minecraft for Education which contains links that explain how to use Minecraft in the educational arena. In Minecraft as a Game Design Engine for Students, Marianne Malmstrom, discusses the series of Minecraft challenges that were created for the students at her school.
Flash Games Generator from Southern Adventist University. After registration users can create and play flash based games. allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet!
ScratchCreate and share interactive games, movies, music and art. Go to this wiki site for Scratch resources and guides.
Gamestar Mechanic " is a web based video game with its own online community, that through an epic adventure-based plot, teaches kids the fundamentals of game design. Students will learn to create and publish their online game. Great possibilities exist here for teachers to set up the criteria, establish team and individual competitions, and see what the students create.
Activate! -- make, share, and play games after registration. The site explains that it "uses the lens of game design and the related tools of iterative design and programming to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills and develop stronger issue literacy on environmental and energy-related topics."
Instructional Games includes designing and playing board games for instruction.
GameSalad is a game making platform for Macs, iPads, and iPhones. The app is a free download.
What2Learn is an "award winning games based learning website." Teachers can make their own games. A teacher guide is available.
GenkiPhonics Fundamental for early childhood and anyone who missed sounding out words.
Starfall provides early childhood literacy practice.
Interactive Whiteboard Games is a production of PBS Kids and has learning games for pre-K-2 students in core subject areas.
Fun 4 the Brain offers free flash-based interactive games in math, science, and English, primarily for K-6 students.
Jump into the Internet This interactive kid's site is challenging, informative, and visually engaging.
Smeebu tests cover grades 3-6 math, spelling and grammar. This site could be used as a pre-test for a needs assessment.
GameClassroom is an elementary math playground.
DimensionU is a free, web-based, math games platform that also lets you pledge an allowance for achieving weekly math goals.
Cyberchase teaches kids that math is everywhere.
Math Games Using Excel is a series of links to the games which can be downloaded and played, or saved for later.
XP Math has games that focus on numbers & operations, algebra, and geometry. There are worksheets and videos available as well.
Catchup Math Games explains that its intent is to assign "math games to students when a related learning gap is diagnosed" by their quizzes. There are free math games at the site, but the site does sell licenses to teachers and schools, providing "lessons, videos, activities and guided practice problems."
Decimal Squares offers 8 interactive games for practicing decimals (the games require Shockwave).
MangaHigh Math Games provides immediate feedback from quizzes from math games that are instructional and fun.
School Time Games offers interactive games in various subjects elementary school level.
The Distribution Game is a simulation game in which the player controls shipments from a supplier and from a central warehouse. The goal is to cost effectively manage the flow of goods to satisfy random customer demands at multiple locations.
Bill of Rights Institute These are games to help students understand The Constitutional Convention and the meaning of The Bill of Rights.
Games for Change allows kids to develop and exercise their social conscience.
Nobel Prize Educational Games -- games and simulations based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements.
iCivics offers 5 games that deal with some aspect of government and civic organization.
Argument Wars is a game where you step into the shoes of a lawyer and participate in classic judicial cases.
FactCheckEd offers help to students learn to be smart consumers of these messages, not to accept them at face value; to dig for facts using the Internet, not to stop looking once they get to Wikipedia; and to weigh evidence logically, not to draw conclusions based on their own biases.
Conspiracy Code—History through Gaming watch the trailer which introduces the game, then try the demo This project activity is offered through a Florida's Virtual School history course.
3rd World Farming is an interactive game that teaches the hardships of 3rd World farming.
Farmersi is "an economic game in which players manage their virtual farms in the Wild West - they grow crops, raise cattle and make investments."
NationStates With this simulation game you build a nation and run it according to your own political ideals.
You Are Here where kids learn to be smarter consumers.
Cutthroat Capitalism is an economic analysis of the Somali pirate business played as a game.
Serious Games Interactive "is an award-winning, research-based developer of games, simulations and virtual worlds," which offers "a unique blend of competences within games, learning and storytelling."
Gen Z Strategy Games contains links to interactive strategy games. The main site, Gen Z, is a portal site that links to information about gaming and to a variety of games.
Peanuts and Crackerjacks The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's interactive baseball game that tests your knowledge of economics and pro sports trivia.
WeSeed is a virtual tool that uses actual companies, stock prices and data — but all trades are made with fake money. Students can buy and sell shares anytime — and see first-hand how the market is affecting the portfolio they build.
Media Awareness Network offers educational games covering a variety of media based topics.
PurposeGames is a "host to educational and quiz and trivia games created by its members". Membership is free.
ProProf's Brain Games are free online puzzle and brain games, but you can make your own games, as well.
Kubbu allows teachers after free registration to make educational games, online activities and quizzes.
Map Games - National Geographic provides these Map Tools for Adventure
Power of Research With this game, students can compete or cooperate as they research topics and publish their results in a journal.
Virtual Cell - The NDSU Virtual Cell utilizes the Xj3D Browser library to bring you the 3D virtual cell experience in your browser's window.
Physics Games is a site that presents online physics based games.
Fun Based Learning features Chemistry and Algebra games.
ImmuneAttack can teach players about the molecular processes in the game. But Immune Attack also inspires students to make their own game.
Caduceus is an interactive adventure game that kids can play at Generation Cures. The game transports players into an ancient and mythical world of science and alchemy. As kids move forward in the game, they encounter scientific and medical puzzles, One goal is to learn about the challenges facing modern-day medical researchers. Teachers should view What's Caduceus before beginning.
Lure of the Labyrinth "is a digital game for middle-school pre-algebra students. It includes a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game in which students work to find their lost pet - and save the world from monsters! Linked to both national and state mathematics standards, the game gives students a chance to actually think like mathematicians."
CSI - Web Adventure learn forensic science and enjoy an adventure.
BrainNook "is a new online game that helps kids develop Math and English skills while exporing the Earth and playing safely with others."
Interrobang is a grade 6-12 problem solving game that has students complete real-world missions. The lessons are designed in part by the students.
Catchment Detox is an online game where you are challenged to manage a river catchment and create a sustainable and thriving economy
Into the Book This interactive site, both audio and video, shows how to read books analytically. There's a teacher and student focus, and in order to save work students register for a free key.
Voice of Spoon River - Game Design Project of Utah State University - This downloadable game is based on the series of poems by Edgar Lee Masters
my StoryMaker is a free, easy-to-use Flash-based story development platform developed by The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
Bantam Shakespeare offers games, plays, and audio and video
Of Mice and Men provides a drag and drop interface of matching items and a complete the chart activity to review knowledge of the novel.
Socks Incorporated calls itself a "transmedia storytelling game" where users create a sock puppet and upload photos and videos to create stories.
Grammar Arcade Let this site help you improve your knowledge of the mechanics of grammar
Oxford Dictionary Spelling Challenge will test both your ability to spell the word and your audio acuity.
Games with a Purpose The site claims, "By playing our games, you're training computers to solve problems for humans all over the world."
Pollen Park takes kids on a journey with a bee to collect the pollen needed to make the queen bee's honey. Pollen Park introduces students to the concepts of pollination and seed dispersal. Students will also be introduced to the parts of and functions of a flower.
Play Diplomacy Online "is a multiplayer, web based implementation of the turn based strategy game Diplomacy by Avalon Hill, in which you have to try and conquer Europe. To win you have to be strategic and diplomatic, making deals and alliances."
World without Oil Is this a game or reality, participate and play to find out.
Values @Play -- The site claims it offers games to download that are designed to present social values. Although I haven't played any of these games, some of them have titles such as Darfur Is Dying about surviving in a refugee camp. Another, The Cost of Life, is about making ends meet in poverty stricken Haiti. And Hush is a game set in 1994 Rwanda, during a Hutu raid on a Tutsi community.
StatPlanet is an interactive manipulative global database site.
Precipice"is a 3-D simulation that illustrates some of the future global warming scenarios developed by a student team at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, British Columbia, in collaboration with Global EESE....Within the 3D environment are a series of characters with whom the player can interact" (The game requires an application download).
Educational Games from You don't have to be a rocket scientist to play, but if you want to win, you have to be smart.
Show Business - The Economic$ of Entertainment Learn how to get rich by breaking into show business and climbing the charts - from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
Learning, Earning, and Investing - The Game presented by the Council for Economic Education gives students the chance to learn important personal finance skills.
100 Most Common SAT Words This is a simple matching game using common SAT words and their synonyms / definitions/
Knoword is a vocabulary building game
Scarygirl may help middle grade students focus, although it's not content based. It's a "platformer, in which you play the scarygirl of the title. You must jump about the pretty cartoon worlds picking up gems and fish, and beating enemies. You have to find your friends and gather information, build a motorbike, drive it around and all this in some of the most fabulous surroundings you can imagine."
Evony is a turn based strategy game played online. According to a review players build cities and then conquer others.
Lumosity offers brain fitness games.
The Problem Site Play educational games, solve problems and puzzles.
Infinite Learning Lab from Professor Garfield, yes it's Garfield the Cat with a fun and educational game site.
Schell Games is a "design and development company, which specialized in creating transformation games and innovative, interactive experiences."
Serious Game Initiative focuses on uses for games in exploring management and leadership challenges facing the public sector.
The Information Literacy Game from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. This is an online board game that tests information literacy.
Using PowerPoint to Play Educational Games Many creative instructors leverage PowerPoint's multimedia and hyperlinking capabilities to create games that they and their students play in class. Games motivate students, hold their attention, and introduce excitement, spontaneity, and fun into a class session. They are particularly useful for review or as a novel way to present course content.
3-D Computer Games with Young Learners: Spore -- Nik Peachey's Learning Technology blog site offers a guide to developing creatures that can be animated. Spore Creature Creator software needs to be download.
Change Gamer provides themed links to games and student activity pdf's.

Video, Interactive, and Engaging Project Based Learning

For the visual learner, sites with Videos and Interactive manipulatives may introduce or augment a topic, making content easier to comprehend, adding another dimension to a lesson. These sites help the learner to take ownership of and be responsible for the information.
An Introduction to Technology Integration is a promo from Edutopia, showing young people using 21st century technology applications in highly engaging learning modalities

Ask the Techies presents a sizable number of videos on numerous technology applications.
Woopid provides technology training video tutorials
Current Internet Issues provides students and teachers interactive issues related to Internet literacy.
Webwise Online Course offers an introduction to the Internet from the BBC.
Academic Earth presents online courses and lectures from the world's top scholars -- defnitely a post-secondary instructional site.
Annenberg Teacher Resource Video can be used as an introduction or supplement to a unit being taught
WatchKnow is a Web site designed to offer free access to thousands of education-related videos for students ages 3-18, created by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger.
Videojug offers how-to videos on a variety of topics from cooking to mechanics, from health to culture, and much more.
Scholar Spot offers informational videos on eclectic topics.
Teacher Tube and School Tube are online communities for presenting and sharing instructional videos created by teachers and students. Both sites are filtered for content and offer places to showcase videos created by teachers and/or students to further instruction, and the art and craft of videography.
the.News offers video news for "teens to find out about people, places and things close to home and around the world."
Khan Academy offers numerous videos under broader categories like math, science, humanities, and test prep. These would be great to supplement more traditional methods of teaching.
TED presents numerous video lectures, including the fascinating James Geary explaining about metaphors. In 2011, it launched TED-Ed for, which provides instructional videos for teachers and their students.
Big Think is "a global forum connecting people and ideas." Video presentations are one of the tools provided for this connection of information to visitors of this site.
Open Culture claims that it's "the best free cultural & educational media on the web".
PBS Teachers is full of K-12 resources, many of them interactive and video based.
neoK12 provides K-12 educational videos, lessons, and games (homepage organized by topics).
BBC - Students provides games, video clips, and quizzes by subject
iKnowthat offers educational activities and games for K-6 students
abc-CD is an interactive pre-K phonics page offered by Curriki, the K-12 Open Curricula Community, which "helps connect educators, parents, and students in the development of curriculum and other educational materials."
ABCya claims to be "the leader in educational games for kids". You decide. Grades K-5.
myStoryMaker is an interactive book that helps you create a story. It's interactive and looks like a real winner for K-5
NASA for Educators provides a treasure chest of space science K-post-secondary resources, including interactive and video multimedia.
C-SPAN Classroom offers free resources, including a video clip, for teaching Civics and U.S. Government.
EASE History From the site's front page: "Hundreds of historical videos and photographs are currently available in EASE History."
The History Channel Videos As a supplement, introduction, or follow-up, this site is a superb visual tool for learning history.
Finishing the Dream - Learning from the Civil Rights Era - From NBC Learn, videos guide students through the Civil Rights Era in a visual exploration of the history of civil rights. The web site shares its archives with educators and others who register.
American Experience offers videos about government, technology, popular culture, much more.
DocsTeach is an interactive learning activity creation site from The Nation Archives Experience.
E-Literate is A 15-minute educational video introducing information literacy to young people.
90 Plus Videos for Tech. & Media Literacy This wiki site maintained by Dr. Alec Couros provides numerous tech and media video links.
Literature and Language Arts videos content provided by Annenberg Media
Free Algebra Video Math Tutors and Lessons Free math videos and lessons for when you fell asleep in class.
The Learning Resources site offers web-delivered instruction using current and past CNN San Francisco bureau and CBS 5 - KPIX (CBS Broadcasting) news stories.
National Geographic Videos provide various visual perspectives from the natural world.
Nature provides an archive of videos focusing on the natural world.
Spongelab is a global science community with animatons, interactives, and graphics.
Science360 offers instructional science videos from the Science Network
HealthVideo provides numerous high interest health related videos.
BioInteractive Virtual Lab from the Howard Hughes Medical Institue (HHMI) sub-titled "Teach ahead of the textbook" with its combination of video, animation, interactive, and virtual labs, is really for the advanced science student. May require download of Shockwave.
Muzzy Lane makes immersive games built on Sandstone 3D platform. Check out the ClearLab Project science games, which requires installing The Sandstone Player.
Teacher Gaming Network offers an online platform to create interactive games for the classroom. Teachers can send students to the URL where the game they have created can be played outside the classroom as well.
TV Healthline produced by Baylor College of Medicine, "TV Healthline offers short up-to-date news stories, ranging from medical breakthroughs to general tips on staying healthy. Segments generally run about 90 seconds."
Scientific American Frontiers From the site: "Each...program is accompanied by an online teaching guide filled with science activities."
Frontline Online Since 1983 these award winning documentaries have educated and entertained late night audiences.
P.O.V. television's longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films is a PBS offering.
digital_nation is a Frontline presentation about "life on the virtual frontier" which does focus on the present generation's propensity for multi-tasking and its affect on the brain. See Drinking the Kool-Aid for a thought provoking review.
LabCAST presents very geek oriented videos from MIT's Media Labs.
On the Media New York City public radio podcasts focus on numerous topics that can be streamed, downloaded, and/or embedded. These audio-casts can be used to generate discussion and further research.
Video Guide from Archaeology Channel provides and extensive list of archaeological topics.
CBC Interactive features videos from Canada Broadcast Company.
HotDocs Library for Educators offers films with educational resource packages for high school classes.
Snag Films provides documentary films on numerous and varied topics
ProCon Although ProCon is not a game site, it deals with issues in a well organized and engaging manner, so it had to be included.
BrainPOP is an animated educational site that covers the core subjects. Some of it is free and some may require paid membership.
Sophia offers video and interactive tutorials in English, Science, Math, Social Studies, Humanities, World Languages, Fine Arts, Social Sciences, and Applied Sciences at the secondary and post secondary levels.
Book TV These videos on C-SPAN2 present authors discussing the non-fiction topics of their books.
Storyline Online is an online streaming video program featuring SAG member reading children's books aloud. Each book includes accompanying activities and lessons.
Tingoed on YouTube delivers a vocabulary word through video. Subscribe to the feed.
Above the Influence quizzes kids to see how much peer pressure effects them.
Utah Education Network 7-12 Student Interactives provides interactive challenges in science, health, technology, the arts, language arts, mathematics, and social studies. There are links for k-2 and 3-6, as well.
Algebasics offers interactive Algebra tutorials, simply and visually presented.
Teaching Geometry with Google SketchUp "From The resources at this site will help you bring SketchUp into your classroom and show you some wonderful projects in 2D and 3D geometry.
Braingenie is a CK-12 site to help you learn and practice math and science skills.
LEGO Digital Designer lets you build with LEGO bricks on your computer.
Architect Studio 3D allows you to design a house, walk through it in 3D, and then share it.
Autodesk Homestyler "Use the web based online home design software "to create and share home design ideas for your dream kitchen, room addition, or interior design project. View floor plans and interior designs in 2D and 3D."
Floor Planner Use this to create floor plans and house plans.
Discovery Education's Video Clips Screening Room provides short video clips on numerous subjects that can be used as a lead in to a discussion or for more extensive research.
Ships is a Google Earth simulation in which you get to be the helmsman of your own fleet of ships (the simulation does require a free plug-in).
Celestia offers a free download of space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions.
Zooniverse - participate and contribute in the world of science
The Virtual Astronaut - Become a member of the International Space Station (ISS) and move around in zero gravity. This site is a virtual simulation of the actual experience.
Combine We Choose the Moon which is the simulated launch and flight of Apollo 11 and the NASA Restored Moon Walk Videos and enjoy an exciting and informative reenactment of the historic flight to the moon.
Siemens Science Day Learn by doing in Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science with videos and activities.
Global Warning is a short video about the climate change that humans have caused.
Interactive Constitution The National Constitution Center provides an interactive explanation of the Articles of the Constitution.
Interactives "provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas."
Science @ a Distance eLearning Modules - Science based learning units created by Prof. John Blamire.
OE-Cake is a physics based paint program that simulates physical properties. Watch the short video that shows how to use it, and then consider downloading the program.
Microbial Life Explore the amazing world of microbes using the site's K-12 resources, including WebQuest guided discovery exercises. This site offers a wealth of related resources, teaching strategies, and activities that have been developed by collaborating projects.
Virtual Heart Transplant come from PBS and is an interactive experience.
Educapoles The educational web site of the International Polar Foundation provides educational resources including animations, videos, and quizzes.
Evolution of Life Discover the principles of evolution through animations, movies and simulations
At 2020Green high school students experience real-life financial situations inside a virtual building of businesses, retail shops, and institutions.
Frogguts Dissect a frog, virtually.
Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery All of the Edheads activities are engaging. This one provides a virtual brain surgery experience, so slap on those rubber gloves.
Art Access examines objects from various areas of the Art Institute of Chicago’s permanent collection to enrich visitors' understanding of their content, style, and historical context. Included are a variety of online resources of special interest to educators, parents, students, and young people, including lesson plans for the classroom and art projects for the home.
It's No Laughing Matter Analyze political cartoons at this educational web site
Make Beliefs Comix This interactive site is a good follow up to the previous web site. Here students can make their own comics (supports foreign languages).
Cartoons for the Classroom The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) offers lesson plans for using editorial cartoons in the classroom (an archive of over 150 lessons), and there is a bimonthly write a caption contest.
TV 411 offers slide presentations that help strengthen literacy skills in reading, writing, and math test prep.
Learn Out Loud is an audio and video learning clearinghouse.
Doing Research An Introduction to the Concepts of Online Searching - This is a visual tutorial on doing research presented by the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC).
How To Use Blogger comes from the excellent tutorial site created by Russell Stannard, Teacher Training Videos (TTV) .
Edutopia's video shows successful applications of technology integration and project based learning in K-12 classrooms nationwide.
Teaching Now visits classrooms where technology integration has been implemented successfully.
Reading Rockets goes inside the classroom and captures effective techniques for teaching all aspects of reading.
Games - Learning - Society Conference After registering for free, view the archives of this annual conference in Madison, Wisconsin.
Bloomin' Apps Kathy Schrock presents this EdWeb webinar on the "interlocking of the cognitive processes" in which she looks at various applications to utilize Bloom's Taxonomy in teaching.
Cool Tools for Schools is a repository for online learning resources.

Podcasting and Video Production
Another dimension offered by technology is that a classroom can be transformed into a production studio. Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous applications (many free to download) and free tutorials for anyone with a computer and a microphone to be a radio broadcaster or podcaster, or for anyone with a digital camera to create videos. The educational benefits can be seen by the process and the results of creating and producing a radio show, slide show, or a video. What follows is information and tutorials about creating podcasts and videos, as well as sites where they may be presented and shared.
Project Based Learning Online Video Library - These short videos exemplify the different aspects of PBL.
Kathy Schrock's Brief Overview of Podcasting for K-12
Digital Audio tutorials from LearniT - TeachiT
Podcast Pizzaz - "In this hands-on, 4 hour workshop, participants will explore various web-based tools (e.g.'s Audio Editor, VoiceThread) for creating snazzy podcasts that engage their audience," says site creator Miguel Guhlin
Podcasting 101 - video tutorial on podcasting
Podcasting Toolbox - podcasting tools and resources
Podcasting Tools - resource for podcasting
Podcast Resources - information on how to create, produce and publish podcasts
Create Your Own Podcasts by Rick Broida is a CNET video tutorial
ConnectingEducation podcast site offers great resources and a video tutorial. The homepage has other classroom 2.0 technologies as well.
Editing Audio with Audacity is a tutorial on editing audio with Audacity.
Podcast Audacity John Larkin, a secondary school teacher who lives in New South Wales, Australia, created this tutorial.
How to Podcast Audacity tutorial for podcasting
Digital Podcasts - find and add audio and video podcasts.
PodBean - free podcast hosting
Publicizing Podcasts - 13 free services you can use
David Warlick's Colearners Guide to Podcasting
The Education Podcast Network (EPN) - The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century.
Teach Digital Curriculum by Wes Fryer has numerous Podcasting links.
SafeShare.TV "is the safe way to watch and share YouTube video" and more importantly it allows for editing the videos into shorter clips. Educator Nik Peachey explains how to use this tool.
YOU edit allows users to create their own news show. The home web site is PBS's the.News (listed in previous category)
EdTechLIVE webcast interviews series by Steve Hargadon focusing on K-12 educational technology.
Futurelab's Podcasts and Videos
Intelligent Video - The Top Cultural and Educational Video Sites provides an exhaustive list of links to sites that offer educational and cultural videos - thanks to Dan Coleman.
ICTmagic is a Wikispaces site that has an extensive collection of links for video, animation, film & webcams.

The use of video to create and integrate content in the lesson and instruct students has been show to be extremely effective. Unfortunately, there are some who use the medium to exploit sex and violence, so many school districts ban such sites as YouTube. Because the need exists, a couple sites have been created by and for educators:
TeacherTube and SchoolTube provide a place to showcase videos created by teachers and students. Videos are filtered to make sure they are acceptable for the K-12 audience.
Vimeo says it's "a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about sharing the videos they make," and Vimeo School offers various video lessons to get you up and running.
WeVideo Tell your story with this full-featured video editor. The free level is limited though. is another video hosting site dedicated to education.
Animoto claims, "It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life." See these Animoto for Education for ideas that you might adapt to your classroom needs.
Make Internet TV offers tutorials on the entire production: shooting, editing, and publishing.
UStream "In just minutes, you can broadcast and chat online with a global audience. Completely free, all it takes is a camera and Internet connection."
VoiceThread - Here is an explanation of what a What a VoiceThread is. Check out Beth Guth's VoiceThread Tutorial. Also this tutorial from TeacherTube, explains how to use it in the classroom. Here are other examples of how VoiceThread has been used in the classroom and to connect people around the world
Tel.A.Vision is more specific application of the visual concept, which provides a tool for students entering a critical period of life to tell their story and share their personal vision. Teachers can sign up for a free trial.
Video with Professor Monkey - Video 101 tutorial
Brightstorm - Free math and science videos; online Courses for students using video, requires nominal fee.
UnitedStreaming provides superb video on demand with pre-designed lessons, handouts, and a quiz maker, but it requires an annual access fee.
Sandbox - WGBH Lab explains that you can use their clips (nature, history, culture, beauty, and so on) for free for video mash-ups or documentaries.,
Tech Talk from the University of Minnesota presents tech tutorial instructional videos.
Education World's Techtorials Archive offers free technology tutorials.
Classroom Learning 2.0 is an online learning program by California Technology Assistance Project Region 1 and the California School Library Association, which focuses on using Web 2.0 tools in the classroom
MERLOT is Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching - registration is free
Teachers Edition of Pageflakes offers resources for teachers.
OSU's Department of English is not really a Web 2.0 site, but is a superbly organized site to assist post-secondary students with organizing and developing their writing skills.

Virtual and Interactive Communities

There are a number of sites that present a virtual environment where you may assume a virtual identity, represented by an avatar you create and name, the most sophisticated of which is Second Life. A modified PG version is Teen Second Life. The last four sites are communities where kids can communicate, learn, and play.
DimensionM is an interactive community/game experience, where "math and fun collide as K-12 students compete and collaborate with other players", nationally and globally.
Teen Second Life is a Second Life virtual site but for teens. SecondLife--Educators Working with Teens is a Teen SL wiki tutorial
Habbo is an interactive virtual world where teens can design their own rooms, collect cool furniture, and even throw parties.
Millsberry is a virtual world for kids to explore, and make friends.
Whyville is a virtual world where boys and girls from all over the real world come to chat, play, learn, and have fun together.
There is an everyday hangout where you can have fun with your friends and meet new ones -- all in a lush 3D environment that's yours to build and explore!
The World of Miamiopia This totally free educational virtual world for kids is worth exploring.
Game for Science Consisting of 4 separate "game worlds", this site offers an enhanced experienced for the educational success of 21st century learners.
SecretBuilders is a "virtual world where kids live, learn and play among characters and concepts from the Arts, Literature, Science and Humanities."
MathMovesU is an interactive virtual world where middle school students can interact with algebra, geometry, decimals, fractions, and word problems through topics they are passionate about like sports, music, and fashion. As students navigate through MathMovesU they will encounter math problems delivered through games, polls, and fun facts. The site is a great supplement to curriculum and will help students practice and improve their math skills in a fun, engaging manner.
The Sims2 Sim City software has been around for quite some time. This Sims is online.
Worlds "Worlds is the pioneering platform in 3D virtual communities and rich immersive environments."
KidsCom offers a virtual world of plants gardens, plant babies, and chat. It looks like a site for middle school students.
Active Worlds Educational Universe is the web's most powerful Virtual Reality experience, dedicated to exploring the educational applications of the Active Worlds Technology, so the site claims. This requires a special browser download.
Teenwire offers sexuality and relationship information for teenagers.
Cybertown The year is 2094 and you are in Cybertown, where civilzation for the virtual age socializes.
Zoey's Room is an online community for girls in middle-school.
gURL is a place for pre-teen girls to share with their peers and obtain information.
SparkTop is another pre-teen site with lots of interactive offerings.
Youth Voices is "a meeting place where students share, distribute, and discuss their digital work online."
Teen Ink is the online version of the print magazine that provides a space for student writing, photography, and art.

Web 2.0 Applications and Other Useful Applications for Tech Integration

The following are composite Web2.0 sites or specific ones that can be used to engage students. This list may grow, and if there are any you believe should be included, email the link and a brief description to: On some of the many educational Ning forums, I often see posts by teachers who admit they are new to Web2.0 and don't know where to begin. I subscribe to numerous ed-tech newsletters and blogs, where other instructional technologists review and discuss some of these sites. One such educator and instructional technologist is Kathy Schrock. Now affiliated with Discovery Schools, she provides the weekly Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators.
Recently, she shared the link to Texas Computer Education Association (TECA) 2009 Conference handouts. One presenter, in particular, Dr. John Thompson of Buffalo State College has a fairly comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, 50 Ways to Energize Your Teaching Using Web 2.0 Applications, you can download with links on many of his slides to Web2.0 applications he identifies in his presentation.

How To Create a Fillable Form for Word 2003 -- tutorial on creating a fillable form using Word 2003
Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher This Web 2.0 hotlist has been provided by Sue Summerford
Web Tools and Applications for Tech Integration
zWebquest is a web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time. When you use zWebquest, you will not need any of writing HTML code or using any web editor software.
Indispensibletools for Tech Integration
Differentiator is a tool for teachers who are having difficulty with the language necessary to allign their lessons with Bloom's Taxonomy.
Graphing Calculator is a web based graphing caluculator
Diagramly is an online diagram / flow chart tool that has the capacity for saving, printing, and sharing the work.
MagicStudio allows you to drag and drop images, video and audio clips, timelines, and quizzes into this interactive presentation learning tool. The repository of resources and lessons already created may be shared.
authorSTREAM converts PowerPoint to video.
280 Slides is an online tool for creating presentations. It provides embedded code for placing the final product on a web site.
Slideshare Upload and share a PowerPoint presentation or Word document.
Preziis powerpoint on steroids, an enhanced presentation application. This web based presentation tool moves the user way beyond slide presentation. Tutorials are provided on site. helps you show multi-page documents as a presentation you can embed on your website.
Vocaroo is an audio recording web site that will record music or voice to the web site and then provide a link or embed code. Surely, there are inventive ways to use this for a lesson. Students could record their own poetry or rap.
4Teachers Family of Tools is a site I've used numerous times, especially their QuizStar and RubiStar apps, a quiz creator and a rubic creator respectively, both free. There are numerous other tools at this site, which has been around for quite some time in the world of tech-ed.
The 32 Most Innovative Online Educational Tools to Use in 2015 is present by Noodle to assist educators in finding the best tools to connect their classroom to the Internet.
Science NetLinks offers a Tools Index that provides resource and lesson links for K-12 teachers with the type of science project, applicable grade, and benchmark identified on the index page.
Wallwisher provides a communal board for stickie posts. Check out how one teacher, Nik Peachey's Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers uses Wallwisher as a place to post your favorite application/web site with a brief description.
posterous is a very cool site that can be used educationally. After creating an account and associating it with your email, you can post to your new posterous web site either thru email message or with an attachment or by a cell phone text message.
oneword A single word is presented and you must use the word to generate a minute of free-writing, stream of consciousness, and all responses are immediately posted.
Wordle Although the site refers to itself as "a toy for generating 'work clouds', educators at all grade levels have generated creative uses for word clouds. One such educator, Jonathan Wylie, shares his 10 Ways To Use Wordle's Word Clouds .
Tagxedo is a word cloud web application that offers a variety of interesting additions to the creation of word clouds, including some useful features not yet offered by Wordle.
Headmagnet is a drill and memorization tool. Flashcards can be created and the resulting score recorded, showing areas that need review and/or relearning.
Quizify is a flashcard style program to help with studying.
CogDogRoo is a wiki site that has links and descriptions for sites that provide a variety of StoryTools
Gamemaker 8.1 is a free downloadable program, which allows students to create their own games without knowledge of programming language, says Michael Gorman who discusses this program at 21st Century Education and Technology Learning. Explore some GameMaker tutorials as helpful guides to designing games.
Ren'Py is a "visual novel engine that helps you use words, images, and sounds to tell stories with the computer. These can be both visual novels and life simulation games." The site provides a links to a downloadable program and a manual.
Alice is an "educational software that teaches students programming in a 3-D environment.
Tools for Creating SCORM Content (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) Learning course management systems, like Blackboard and Moodle, are used mostly by distance learning and post-secondary educators.
FX Free Flash Effect Generator - Although I have not used this tool yet, there is a tutorial on site.
ScreenToaster and ScreenCastle are two web based screen recording sites that allow you to record the actions on your computer's screen, and both include voice capability; they are excellent tools to demo an application.
12 Free Online Quiz Makers To Create Online Quizzes Create quizzes
Memorize Now is a flashcard creating application
Studiyo helps you create multi-media quizzes for your web site or blog.
The Best Tools for Making Online Timelines has been compiled by Larry Ferlazzo, a Sacramento, California high school teacher.
28 Online Photo Editing Websites To Have Fun With - Some of these should excite an imaginative teacher who wants to mix the visual with some technology.
Evernote, Clipmarks, SimplyBox, LiveBinders are free applications that allow users to clip web pages or parts of the page and save it to the account previously set up. Evernote (see video) can be used with your other computers and synced to a smart phone. After adding one or more of these as browser extensions, you are ready to go, as this Clipmark video shows how easy and universal it is to to use. All of them have browser extensions. Evernote has a smartphone app that will sync with your Evernote in the cloud, which can be quite handy.

iCyte is similar to the above mentioned, but now requires purchasing. If you are not familiar with any of these watch the short iCyte video. I'd be interested in hearing which ones others favor and why.

iCyte Overview from stephen foley on Vimeo.

SugarSync, Dropbox, Box provide online storage that will sync with all of your devices.

Collaborative Document Tools Free and Simple Tools to Create Web Sites and Course Management

I am definitely a proponent of using Wikis to create web pages that don't require knowledge of HTML or JAVA, and that include widgets for embedding audio and video, as Wikispaces for educators provides. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention other web design sites that offer a great degree of flexibility and are free:
Wetpaint and PBWorks (formerly PB Wiki) are two other wiki sites that provide plenty of flexibility for users in management and content integration.
Jottit is a totally easy way of creating a web site which can be used privately or collaboratively. Here's a simple video tutorial by Molly McDonald on how to set it up and use it.
SnapPages is another drag and drop free web site creator. Check out some of the sites that have been created using SnapPages.
Webnode and Moonfruit are two more build your own web site applications.
Coralrift says, "Just choose a subdomain and drag and drop a zip file of your I haven't tried this web application yet, so I'm not sure how the site works and what it does to graphics and photos. If anyone has used this please let me know.
Wix is a free drag and drop web site creator that seems to be used extensively for promoting art, graphics, and design. is another instant web page creator.
Weebly is drag and drop web site creator, but a little clunky and not as versatile as the wiki sites.
Ning Although it is a social network site, a good web site should be a place where students can go to find content information that the instructor provides, as well as a place to communicate with the instructor and classmates (The company announced in April 2010 that the application will be fee based).
Google Apps for Educators At this tutorial site, Google shows teachers how to maximize the use of some of their applications for the classroom
YacaPaca is kind of like Blackboard, only it's free and teachers can share tests and quizzes with other teachers.
Haiku LMS is a learning management system that helps teachers build their site by using embedded code from various other sites.
Canvas is another free teacher course management site that lends itself to distance learning.
BrainHoney is a free management system that aligns with your state's standards and helps teachers track grades.
Schoology is a learning management system (LMS), providing its plentiful basic features for free.
LessonWriter "is an innovative free online service that allows teachers to cut text from any website, paste it into the LessonWriter interface, and have dynamic English language lesson plans generated in minutes. The service works by analyzing the text that has been pasted and then pulling out vocabulary, grammar, and usage, pronunciation, word roots and stems, and then generating a lesson plan."
Open Author lets you combine text, pictures, sound, files, and video to create educational resources.
CK12.ORG - FlexBooks - use these open source texts to design your course

Collaborative Document Tools

A number of web sites allow multiple users to collaborate synchronously (now time). The benefits of such applications are revealed in how easy it is to work together without being in the same location. The history and various versions of the same document can usually be saved, so that the developmental process is not lost and various incarnations are available.
Google Docs offers users the ability to create and share their work online (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys) and access documents from anywhere. Identified share users work in a synchronous environment with all contributor's edits appearing as they type, character by character. See the Demo
Taskforce works with Gmail (and other email platforms) adding individual tasks, turning email into tasks, allowing for collaboration if you want. allows users to set up online workspaces to store a set of documents and share with others. At the shared site you can create and collaborate online using documents, tables, and presentations.
Crocodoc allows you to upload and collaborate on Word, PDFs, and presentation documents. There are some basic markup options available with CrocDoc. You can add sticky notes and highlight or strike through words in the document. If you want to add additional text, click the “Write in the margin” button. This will allow you to add texts outside the document text area. and are synchronous word processors for real-time collaboration.
CoHuman is a project collaboration cloud application with a free 1GB storage space for files and resident email communication.

Finally, we must Pay Attention to how our students learn. This insightful video speaks volumes to all of us who teach. Please watch it if you haven't seen it before.

This page, one of many I've created (see the links in the left hand margin), has been developed at the Wikispaces web site. They offer a free wikispaces account for teachers, for which they remove all ads. The account for non-teachers is also free, but it includes ads.

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