Our overzealous Bd. of Ed. censors have blocked YouTube, which means not only do we not get to watch or use educational and/or entertaining videos to augment our lessons, and we cannot upload those we create for projects related to curricular content.

Thank goodness, some educators have recognized how the need for such rigid control can stifle creativity and opportunity, and so they devised TeacherTube and SchoolTube, and both filter objectionable material, while allowing teachers the opportunity to create content. I especially appreciate that I was able to upload a short video from my digital camera, and then using the embedded video code provided by TeacherTube, add it to my wikispaces page. The video is 100 seconds of watching the Fall River in front of my cabin on my recent vacation in the Rocky Mountains.

Does this technology have educational merit?
Certainly, video taping a student reciting a poem or a scene from a play and integrating it into a web site that contains curricular content is a multi-dimensional approach to classroom engagement. Re-enacting and videotaping a scene from an historical event or a scene from a story, or a demonstration or speech would re-energize the classroom and engage students in the content. And finally, using this type of technology is relatively simple.

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